They Said His Bowtie Truncated His Hustle.

24/02/14 “anyone who rides a tiger will end up in its belly; And one man alone, cannot change a system from within” Sanusi ‘Bowtie’ Lamido Sanusi (2002) *inset, we see Oga Jona deep in thought…* They said his bowtie truncated his hustle, but I know otherwise. Financial recklessness my foot! The conceited mallam believed; he … More They Said His Bowtie Truncated His Hustle.

The Actualizer

Originally posted on THE POETRY OF SMOKE:
My Words may not be Lyrical, But they are to a measure Panegyrical. I’m not trying to be poetic But let’s be realistic With me, what you get is actualization; Your aspirations to bring into fruition. I would actualize Your Vision For that is my Mission. I know…