Mathemagics: The Arithmetic of Politricks.


Honest work just reward,
that they say is the way to please the lord.
Valiantly did we strive to achieve
a land radiant and free from kleptomanic leaders
who had from the goblet of corruption drunk
For with everything but them,
had we been so richly blessed.

Our very own congregation of criminals
Their talent for destruction, Mighty!
Such bizarre carnival of looters
Wid an inordinate disgust for parsimony.

Law-making mathemagicians,
mumbling like evil spirits;
16, they tell us is greater than 19
thankfully our memories as they assume
have not been neutered.

We can however rant till eternity
It wouldn’t change a thing.
Cause somewhere along the line,
they seem to have lost their way.
All they do is drink,
drink from that fountain of illogicallity
they seem to be so high on.
Emerging from their slumber
to put pen to paper
their own versions of history to write.

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