They Said His Bowtie Truncated His Hustle.


“anyone who rides a tiger will end up in its belly; And one man alone, cannot change a system from within”
Sanusi ‘Bowtie’ Lamido Sanusi (2002)

*inset, we see Oga Jona deep in thought…*

They said his bowtie truncated his hustle,
but I know otherwise.
Financial recklessness my foot!
The conceited mallam believed;
he was God’s answer to their prayers.
He kept our sweet lies
and gave them the bitter truth.
I told him to stop talking
but he could not be bothered with paying homage
to his commander-in-thief.

They said his bowtie truncated his hustle,
but ill tell you otherwise.
A million times I told him;
“corruption is a naturalized citizen’
But did he listen? No.
He opened his big mouth,
and told the gospel truth.
Following the dictates of my God,
From him I withdrew my trust
For in that defining moment,
i lost the urge to care.

They said his bowtie truncated his hustle,
but you can see otherwise.
Charging in upon a tiger he rode
the system he sought to change from within.
A suicide mission indeed
as within its juju resistant belly
he met his untimely end;
lost in the fabric of history,
to become naught but a fictional stain.
They said his bowtie truncated his hustle,
now you know otherwise.

Ps: I must admit I was tempted to modify this post in view of the events that has transpired since I wrote it (Lolz… Dats why I stated the date if u were wondering) but I was told to keep it original. So…

Pss: This post was inspired by Elnathan John’s Blogpost: Suspensions, Virility and Race Relations Posted on 22/2/2014 (Yes I’m that meticulous. I refuse to be sued for copyright infringement :))

Psss: I also stole the above quotation from it. 🙂

Pssss: Also, in case you’re wondering why I sat on it for so long, I had no blog. 😦


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