Seducing Nature: The Nigerian Experience.

Nature they say fell in love with our land
but how we seduced her,
in this desecrated state of ours
remains to me a mystery.

But while others agonize,
is it sufficient to theorize?

The only reason I antagonize
is to seek the truth within a pack of lies.
Remembering what shouldn’t,
forgetting what should;
fruitfully the unable thrive
at the behest of the incompetent;
lackadaisically doing the unnecessary,
for the benefit of none.

Crucified by the public without a nail,
we do not need soothsayers to tell us
(That) ‘We have failed as a nation’;
it is written on our foreheads.
Our so called leaders in their revelry,
have gagnamed away our future.
Taking their fantastic speculations
to new levels of absurdity
but too dumb are we to notice.

Artists at being,
failures at having;
we tend to raise the ordinary to extraordinary
in the belief our pot of burukutu will never run dry.

Generously endowed by nature,
we still manage to dawdle
upon which road to trample
like one solving calculus
with pre-numeric abacus.

*sigh* Oh how lucky our race,
that we have found so much grace.

Ps: This piece was inspired and originally written as a response to @iam_sto’s yet to be published poem “How Nature fell in love with our land”


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