“Morning Yet On Creation Day”

Lost in the heady gauze
of this wondrous splendor,
I had no cares (in the world).
A vast ocean of black gold
I had to cater for my needs
For it was morning yet on creation day,
My days were filled with endless wonders
And in excess I splurged.

Fastforward fifteen years
My democracy, is missing its dividends.
My future they seem to tell me
Is no brighter than my power supply.
The ones I put in charge of my treasures,
have ravaged it to the bone
In the big apple I sought refuge;
but for their excess,
l was denied access.

Living like royalty,
*Dan borouba’s* with no iota of loyalty;
They tend to forget that
though time’s as fast as a speeding bullet,
Still by the same kontiki of the clock we are guided.

I know the history of those
who died for me to survive
a better future did they envision.
No longer I decree
will I be oppressed.

I know not what course others make take
but in this struggle for my salvation
My all I’d give.
And in time maybe,
maybe the ripples I create
will become great waves…


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