To Nigeria I welcome you all,
Corruption is our watchword
The backbone of our national ideology.
At every given opportunity,
We celebrate lootocracy
The siphoning and carting away of public funds.
Giant of Africa niwa
We do not care about sanctions.
Our swiss army, always on the ready
Lining our vaults with oil money.
This I tell you is the iyato laarin olowo ati talika;
As wide as the third mainland.

We believe in stomach infrastructure;
Looking out for number one.
Grasshopping from party to party,
We sef must chop of the national cake.
A plate of rice here,
A bowl of fufu there
Walahi Oshoko, you have my mandate.
Who needs roads
When he has rice?

Come election day,
We propagate ethnicity
And fan the embers of religious unrest
We talk of personalities
Rather than address the issues.
Still, at the casting of votes,
Ballot boxes we steal
From under their unsuspecting noses.

Microscopic observers, awon olofofo
Like John the Baptist,
Wailing in the wilderness
Awon masses yi tutu bere.
They talk of ebola`
What is that?
A new brand of wine?
Kamoru get me ten cases.
Of chibok,
America will know jare
Sambissa is not on google maps.

Giving new definitions to democracy since 1999
You’re welcome to Nigeria;
Where the rich stay greedy
And the poor stay needy.


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