I Weep For Thee Nigeria

I weep for thee Nigeria
despite your great acclaim
a limping giant you remain.
The exploits of your heroes past,
so glorious on papyrus preserved
are being put to shame.
Such feats mon dieu!
They left us in disbelief.
Still, there’s always more to a story
than that which is on the page.

Unlike one destined to do historic deeds,
of their successors
is a tale best left unsaid.
For two scores, a decade and three,
they tried to give us direction
but abysmally they failed.
Their blueprint, a masterpiece of disaster

Forgive my impunity,
but at this point,
let the holy kneel
and call on their God
for what in ancestral days was fear
in them is grandeur
what in ages gone was dread
in them is splendor.

Smooth talking loquacious masters of jabberwocky,
with mindless greed slowly
they exsanguinate us to death
their disease, a kleptomanic squandermania.
Lacking the innovation to make a difference,
tenaciously still they cling to power;
a bag of rice here,
a few naira notes there…
Such lootocracy
militating against our unity

I do not intend to sound hopeless
nor paint a picture of gloom
but then, it is what it is.
For forced to bury our heads in shame,
we die in installments.
And this I tell you
is the saddest sadness of all…


5 thoughts on “I Weep For Thee Nigeria

  1. Let’s pray for Nigeria… The dilapidated ‘molues’ we have as leaders cannot convey us to the promised land. We need fresh blood. We need the youth to rise up and change the destiny of this country. It’s high time we stopped weeping, go on our knees and PRAY like we have never done before for God to deliver us from headless, old cargo leaders and heal our land. YOUTH ARISE!!!


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