Fighting For Democracy

Law-breaking lawmakers,
Like Olympic pole-vaulters,
On the roundness of their bellies pivoting;
In them, the mad spark of genius
Unfortunately, without its ignition.

Gate jumping in the fight for democracy,
Justice they posit, will surely prevail
For lady liberty is on their side.
Regrettably, wuruwuru they say,
Will inevitably lead to katakata.

Freedom for democracy!
Their sonorous battle cry.
Their unrivalled frenetic displays,
doing poetic justice to their claims.
But in the hallowedness of their chambers still,
they sit to divide our treasures.

Awon onikun bembem
with bulging bellies,
they scale our ivory towers.
Of patriotism or desperation,
I simply cannot tell.

These actors of a macabre dance?
Fighting for democracy??
In this theatre of absurdity???
Jesu kristi oluwa o!

And at the end of it all we’ll wonder…
A fight for democracy,
or a shameful show of crase;
My brother only time will tell.


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