The Adoration

What I’m about to tell you
is a tale as old as time,
a song as ancient as rhyme
how unto us a saviour was born
in a manger far away.

From afar guided by the stars,
Kings came in adoration to worship.
In majestic homage gifts of Gold they bore
with Frankincense and Myrrh they adored.
proclaiming his long awaited birth
e’en upon his Herodic majesty.

Heralded by the prophets,
by the voice of he
crying in the wilderness,
his way was prepared.
Beloved of the lord,
performing signs and wonders
that made the earth ponder
about the lord’s thunder.

Persecuted and molested,
still to the world
a message of salvation he brought.
Rejected by those he came to save,
on Calvary he hung
his blood for us he shed
dying that we may live
a people from their sin to save.


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