The Main Problem: Who is Maine?

So I wrote this jurisprudence test today which I’m pretty sure I banged anyway (duh’ don’t judge me, we all bang). The question asked to discuss the theories of two scholars; Savigny and Maine. Savigny I knew, Savigny I’d heard about (Historical school, Volkgeist blah blah blah). But Maine? Who was Maine? Who the fuck was Maine (pardon my language)? I mean, my note and textbook said no such thing about Maine! But that is beside the point. The lecturer never mentioned him and I bet at least 95% of the class were as surprised as I was. Anyways sha to cut the long story short, I decided to make a story out of it… ( I hope say I try) ๐Ÿ™‚


Who is maine? That my friends, was the jurisprudential question of the day. so important was this question that it carried all of 20 marks.
Was he a pastor, was he an artiste? a musician or as some haughtily posited, a jurist?
Who was Maine? Thus began our elusive search.
We all knew Maine and at the same time we didn’t. Jurist, pastor, artiste, musician. Was that even the question?
In every nook, in every cranny, we sought for Maine. From Sociology through Natural Law down to Positivism; our refrain was Maine.
Maine we knew not still of Maine we propounded.
Mon dieu! Such profound pronouncements we made of him!
It took all of 30 minutes; but in that brief moment, much had been written about Maine than was ever known to man.
P:S. I still have not found Maine.


4 thoughts on “The Main Problem: Who is Maine?

  1. That Maine question left many people more confused than we were at d beginning of the test. More than 100 theories were posited for a Maine we never knew. Craziest test ever.


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