Lemme paint you a picture;
a picture of Eko
City of dreams,
home to the lionhearted
where you must never suegbe
even if you be JJC.
Welcomed by the Sages three,
Eko is no place for the feeble hearted.
Don’t take shots at Eko
If you have a light ahead
cause you might not last a year.
Filled with so many twists and turns,
Eko would make you lose your nerve.


If Eko was a man,
Eko would be Asiwaju;
The First among equals,
Jagaban and Machiavelli of Africa…
If Eko was a woman,
Eko would be Efunroye
Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.
If Eko was transgender,
Eko would be Jenner;
Just like the Jones’,
Keeping up with the Kardashians.


Eko would make you,
Eko would break you.
And although you must always go slow,
you should never nogere.
Still, I implore you to keep calm and have suuru
As I paint you this picture of Eko.
2575552207_3fbc9df396_bBRT-lagos-2-e1411835484317c2fcd64edd6f7c433e7ce80fd097a9fd481535_130862_348fc2b8b3_pLagos1       hqdefault


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