Child Pen Books,
Bride Penis Boobs.


Captivated by my adorable behind,
gift bearing from afar they abound.
Beguiled by my twin towers,
in great numbers they flock to pay homage.
Their object; my mound.

Nyanrinya they call out
their manner, so endearing.
My name na Yerima
or so they seem to say.
Buying me the beautiful things of life
wallahi, is all that they claim.
Yet in their eyes, all I see is desire.
Desire for my young and supple form.

They wanna touch my boobs,
I wanna read my books.
They wanna make me ride?
Haba Meggida! Im still but a child.

In demonic voices still, they cajole
and all I do is explode!
I tell em to hol’up
I’ve gat a light ahead
and aint no one’s gonna stop my shine!


Bedroom Ejaculation Bride???
Classroom Education Child.


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