Amidst Presidential Selfies

Amidst presidential selfies,
the tributes poured in.
Gone was Madiba;
The Man, The Legend.
To reach the mountaintop,
through the shadowy valleys of death he traversed.
and by inspiration, he created…
a rich legacy of written words.


Amidst presidential selfies,
the world came to celebrate;
a dreamer who never gave up.
Impossible it seemed
until he did it.
The struggle was his life;
and till the end of his days
he fought for freedom.


Amidst presidential selfies,
Madiba the great was sent home.
Doer of great exploits,
his rock steady hands
kept ‘The Ship’ afloat;
through turbulence and through chaos;
and for future generations,
a common suffering
he turned into hope.

Amidst these presidential selfies Madiba
as we meet to reminisce
in the memory of your greatness;
beyond the sound and the fury
of your emphatic passing,
I salute and applaud you
for changing the world.


Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (1918 – 2013)



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