My Gospel (For Itunu)

I could write (you) an epistle, but it’d be no fitting testament to the times we’ve had. I could immortalise your name in verse, but it still wouldn’t convey to you the depths of my love. I could wax poetic and whisper to you sweet nothings, but hardly would it  scratch the surface. However, lost … More My Gospel (For Itunu)


I’m no talebearer, neither am I a master storyteller. But of the little I know within these pages I’ll show. This is not a sexy story this is a true story. Speak a little truth and the people lose their mind, stretch it beyond its tensile strength and watch them rage like hounds. I speak … More “Decadence”

The Echoes of Dawn

Waking up to the fiery thunder of nature’s very drum; it’s boom so loud even the earth stands to listen. Ensnared and mesmerised, with the agility of an atilogwu dancer I rotate to the beats. in breathless delight, I dance, I glee, I gyrate. Tapping to its enchanting lore, the experienced step briefly and retreat. … More The Echoes of Dawn