The Echoes of Dawn

Waking up to the fiery thunder
of nature’s very drum;
it’s boom so loud
even the earth stands to listen.
Ensnared and mesmerised,
with the agility of an atilogwu dancer
I rotate to the beats.
in breathless delight,
I dance, I glee, I gyrate.
Tapping to its enchanting lore,
the experienced step briefly and retreat.
Seductive however, is the drum’s spellbinding power.
It’s melodious notes
the unwary enchant
unceremoniously lured into the spotlight.
Ensnared and mesmerised,
unabashedly they gyrate.
it’s exhilarating rush!
a necessary evil they claim.
Working up to a frenzied crescendo,
wingless they try to fly
turning and twisting
this way and that
their shameless offerings
a fitting finale
as with the Echoes of Dawn
Slowly it fades away…


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