Christians… Are we? Really?

Boundaries… There’s just this thing about them I love; so much that almost every facet of my existence is rife with them. Why do I find them necessary you ask? Well I’ll just say that I’ve had some pretty shitty experiences with some pretty shitty people thus the necessity.

Before I go on, let me clarify. I’m no saint, I have my quirks and idiosyncrasies. Hell, if you overstep my preset boundaries, I’ll skin you alive; Literally. For all i know, I’m even much more shittier than most (if there’s a word like that).

What’s the point to all these you ask? Forgiveness I tell you, forgiveness. The forgive and forget type just like Christ taught us.

Point; Methinks Christ is the real MVP. I mean, that man forgave and forgot. Even the very persons that crucified him!

If you’ve ever been offended or pissed off by someone, you’ll know how hard it is to forgive and even how much harder it is to forget especially when that person keeps doing the same shit over and over and over again.

Well, that is the situation I currently find myself. One in which my “forgiveness” has been taken for granted and the only option I feel is open to me, is cut the person out of my life.

ironically and quite unexpectedly, A day after making this decision, I’m being told by a person I respect so much to go and apologize even though I’ve been wronged and I’m like ehn? Apolokini? Issokay.

However, upon reflection, I started thinking about God, Christ, the scriptures and how I ask God for forgiveness for my transgressions everyday and expect to be forgiven… What if he chooses every time to adopt my attitude, bring up my past sins, fling them in my face and choose to sever all ties with me, how would I feel…you know the saying… What would Jesus do… I claim to be a Christian. Christlike to be precise but i have a problem with doing things the way Christ would have done. Can I now say that I’m Christlike?

P. S: Have I apologized? As at the time of writing, no. Eventually, I did. And though it seemed like the hardest thing to do, I kinda felt a weight lift off my shoulders.

P. S. S: use of strong Language intended for emphasis.


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