That Ancient Strength of Old…


Overhead the dark skies thundered
heralding the gathering storm.
Into weakness had turned
that ancient strength of old.
Tales of amalgamation
by moonlight our forebears told;
The unification of a people so divergent.
But of this marriage,
much was written.
In a clash of faith,
was much death hidden.


Mon dieu! For such magnificent evil
man alone could not have been responsible!
Millions of lives sacrificed
in a senseless orgy of violence.
silent spectators to the slaughter…
what carnage we witnessed.

Feeding on the salad of ignorance
we smile even as we suffer.
For so much has been wrought
that with consummate glee,
eagerly we embrace our fates
in the dustbins of history.

Overhead the dark skies thunder
heralding the gathering storm
And into weakness has turned
That ancient strength of old…
what forensic interpretation they give,
I know not of…
But to this carnage I know
there shall be no fairytale ending.


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