Death and all his Friends


Death and all his friends,
daily they come to dine
In fervent hopes that we may die.
From lagos to ibadan, there’s no place to hide
and even the rich swallow their pride.
Bodies strewn, black as coal
They know somehow, we’ll lose control.

Death and all his friends,
you’d think that they’re lame,
but to them, life is just a game.
They like to fuck shit up
just like Mario without his oneup.
The soldier took aim,
and promptly they forgot his name.

Death and all his friends,
The very definition of corrupt…
Yet, talk of their reek makes them erupt.
Of our desperate want for leaders,
saints they like to make out of sinners;
just like that Governor of Bayelsa
His ladyship Dsp Alamieyesegha

Death and all his friends…
The tales they tell of them!
Mon dieu! They’re not of this realm.
Oftentimes they go to war,
just to gorge on the gore.
Piling bodies for the funeral pyre,
It’s smoke, curling from kuje to nyanya.

Iku ati awon ore re;
awon oga akorin of the bad gang,
all shooting their gun bang bang.
Wo, drag not my name in mud,
this I pray my lord.
Forgive me of my crime,
and keep me before my time
From death and all his friends.


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