Sai Baba!!!


Saiiiii baba!!! Inakwana baba!!! Ranka dede baba!!!
Sai Baba!!! Your boys are loyal baba
your name for our mouth baba
E Be like honey baba
Sweet like sugar baba,
brown like donkwa Baba…
Baba wey belong to everybody baba
Baba wey belong to nobody baba
Long may you reign baba

*in harrysongz voice*
🎶ngwanu baba for the Boyz,baba for the boys🎶
I see u for TV yesterday o baba
Your talk just dey burst my head baba
How you handle that British keremi baba
hin no know say u na Baadoo baba.
Who apology Don epp baba?
Is it is kwarapshun baba?
Baba wey no get time for banter baba
Baba wey no dey chop apology baba
Carry on sai baba
For Long may you live baba.

But come o baba
Me and you get talk o baba.
Just yesterday baba,
PMS turn 145 naira baba.
Wetin dey happen na baba?
Remember 2015 baba?
when we carry our mandate give you baba?
Shey na wetin we agree be dis baba?

For 12 good years baba,
you sought to lead this country baba
You sought to change this country baba.
But this your change sai baba,
This your change sai baba,
e get am for comma baba
E no dey sweet awa belle baba
indomie sweet pass am baba

Why you quiet nau sai baba?
Mouth dey pain you talk ni baba?
Shey na d change wey you promise us be dis baba?
u no try at all o baba.
U na Maradona baba?
to dey reason your talk now sef baba
E just Dey turn my belle upside down baba
Likka dis likka dat baba.

Baba go slow baba
Why you dey nogere laidis baba?
3rd mainland Bolt pass you baba
Nd no be even Olympics baba
When will you find a solution baba?
Nigerians are hungry baba
We are groaning baba
we want the change you promised baba
And Not this facsimile sai baba.
Femi Ojosu – 12/5/16


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