Symphony No 54: 20 Billion Dollars


For the reasonable theft of 20 billion dollars,
my tragicomedic leaders
much like Macbeth
have murdered sleep.
With every knock on their door,
they panic and they tremble
fearing it could be nemesis
coming to seek retribution.
But everyday still,
they steal, they loot, and they share.

Gatekeepers of our abundant wealth,
Shamelessly washing their linen in public.
Revelling in the senility of their age,
open letters they post here and there
claiming to preach the gospel of change.

Lost in this symphonic confusion
rebranding they say is the way forward;
but plunder has become our way of life,
our legal system authorises it,
our moral code glorifies it.
what tragicomedians these leaders…
so short their memory they forget
“no be every cloth dem dey sundry.”


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