Dreams of a new Nigeria

“Dreams come true . Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them.” – John Updike

I have seen the future
And the dreams it’s made of
It tells of exploits. Great exploits.
Exploits That Echo through the ages
Passed down by great sages,
Who believed in the dream.
The dream of a new Nigeria.

Call me naΓ―ve, Call me dreamer*
Still, i dream the old dream,
the dream of a new Nigeria.
A Nigeria Where uncommon men,
Will do uncommon things
In uncommon terrains
For uncommon people.
A Nigeria Where the sun will rise
And we will try again.

They say everything in Nigeria,
is going to kill you… *chuckles*
However, I dream the dreams of a new Nigeria…
A Nigeria Where everything is going to save you,
Where stealing = (is equal to) corruption.
A Nigeria where the dream shall never die,
And our children will sleep,
dreaming their own dreams,

Dreams are all we have
Dreams are all we’re made of.
And Every now and then,
A generation is called upon to be great
the future is now
and we can be that great generation
But who will chase the dream?

– Femi Ojosu 24/4/16

Inspired by Chude Jideonwo.


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