My name is Dino!


My name is Dino, Dino Melaye.
And I have done the unthinkable,
I have done the unheard of.
Hear the masses,
they tell of my exploit.
I have touched the vipers tail
And I’ve lived to tell the tale

Cruising down the length of bourdillon, the ladies dem call my name.
Dem say Dino, you so brave;
I ask them ‘oya who’s your daddy?’😎

Omo kogi ni mi o
Mi kin shey fuckboy.
They said to pay homage
Sugbon Dino no dey prostrate.
This is not bourdillon o
In this kabba, I’m king!

And though I walk through the length of bourdillon,
I fear no jagaban
Nitori Brave heart lemi,
I am Agba akin!
And agba akin no dey fear!


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