The Gift and The Curse: Two Sides of a Coin (Part II)


A million times, I have promised myself to go on that voyage of self discovery… What makes me tick? What exactly do I want to do and achieve with my life? What is my vision, passion and goal? Don’t get me wrong, I have a vision, I have a goal. However, that 9-5 life everyone seems so hung up on I know with definite Certainty is not for me. My definition of work has never been the pay… Rather, it’s always been about the utility and joy to be derived from it. Five – Ten years from now, will I still be turnt to go to work? Will I still have the same drive and passion as I did on the first day? Yes. I know I sound naive and unrealistic but that’s just how I see it.

To tell you the truth, I envy (okay, maybe not envy per se) single minded individuals who have discovered with unshakeable Certainty that “this” that is their calling. They have the luxury of devoting their life to one ‘struggle’ without being apologetic as regards what could or might have been.

I’m talented? Yes. But I fear I may never reach my peak. I’m afraid to shine, I’m afraid to be excellent and Oftentimes, I’m haunted. I’m haunted by the words of John Milton On His Blindness, that every man will give to his maker an account of how he has utilized his given talents. And when I consider how my light’s been spent I wonder… If when my time’s done, will I be able to give a true account of my time? will i have done enough for them to tell my story? Or will my maker upon returning chide?…


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