The Ballot or the Bullet…


Are we the turning point generation? This was the question Chude asked in his book “Are we the turning point generation.
I grew up singing parents listen to your children, we are the leaders of tomorrow… That tommorow is here today; still, we are sought to be led by an old man of 72yrs… Can his body handle the rigours of power? I mean, Look at Mugabe, he has grown senile in his old age still he refuses to relinquish power. Tenaciously he clings to it and where has it led him and his nation?
I’m sick of hearing Buhari this Jonathan that. The question is, are they capable? Let’s put tribal sentiments aside abeg and answer truthfully. Anyone?

All we do is address personalities while the real issues are relegated to the dung heap. How does Buhari intend to end the Boko Haram menace currently running riot in Northern Nigeria? Apart from his say Buhari propaganda, does he actually have a blueprint as regards how he wants to run Nigeria? Are we supposed to be content with just saying Buhari? The same goes for his counterpart the acclaimed and celebrated king president Nebuchadnezzar; the fisherman from otuoke without a shoe? Truly, I’m curious to see what his campaign strategists have drawn up this time around; what ingenious creation would we be treated to. Would it be as farcical as the two leaders for the price of one Abacha campaign, or something more unique, more esoteric and mindblowing?
You say you want my vote, fine. Convince me you want my vote. Cause I’m not just gonna hand it over to you on a platter. For starters, what would you do to better my living conditions? Petrol is 95 naira is it going to reduce? Would I continue to wake up to the cacophonous sing song of my neighbours generator heralding the fact that Nepa(Phcn) has struck again?
Come 2015, we all have a choice to make. Come election day, we pick. Is it the ballot, or the bullet?

*The Ballot or the Bullet was written in December 2014


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