The Post Bar Finals Traumatic Withdrawal Syndrome (PBFTWS)


Sunday September 4 2016, the bar exams aka bar finals are over. But for most, the exams are not truly over… Reportsย  available to us, seem to indicate that over 80percent of the students who wrote the bar finals, are suffering from a condition disorder which for the purposes of elucidation, I’ll term The Post Bar Finals Traumatic Withdrawal Syndrome (PBFTWS for short.)

What is PBFTWS ?
PBFTWS as it currently stands, has no definition. However, it has been described in the following words by its victims eminent jurists…

Madam Eunice, Life Director and Alter Ego of Wig and Gown Guaranteed (WAGG) describes PBFTWS thus:-


Affirming this statement of hers, our learned colleague Jennifer had this to add


In light of these disturbing revelations, we conducted a survey on PBFTWS in order to determine its root cause. These, were our findings…

According to the great Evangelist; Fidelaw in his tome, which we have taken great pains to reproduce below, the causes of PBFTWS are biblical.


Although we have no way of refuting or verifying the above claims, the general consensus amongst our demograph was too much acada learning.

Given the prevalence of this condition disorder, the need for an immediate solution becomes increasingly apparent.

Harvey Specter, an expert in everything post Bar Finals opines thus


In support of this, Evangelist Fidelaw posits thus.


For B. A. Agbakogba, this is what works.


And Khasome does this


In view of all of the above, Permit me in closing to quote the words of our life director…
although NLS may be over, the madness of NLS it seems, is not yet over. EP!!!

Ps: if after reading this, you find yourself “suffering” from PBFTWS, I hope this helps you deal with the sense of disconnect you feel.
Pss: This is just Bants, intended to entertain ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


10 thoughts on “The Post Bar Finals Traumatic Withdrawal Syndrome (PBFTWS)

  1. With PBFTWS, i cant just seen to get enough sleep. I thought i would watch all the movies in the world, but i don’t even have the strength for that. Surprisingly, i still feel the need to keep reading. So i’ve taken up the task of reading self development books.


  2. This is so me! My mental alarm goes off at 1am and it’s a battle to go back to sleep…during the day I feel like I am missing something and mid convos with people I remember answers I could have put differently *_o it’s a struggle to quit the mumbling and crazy hand movements x_x


  3. I ave been sleeping lyk a pregnant woman since I got home on Sunday, ave not stepped out of my house, ave just been sleeping. ?…


  4. LMAO. This is so true. I doubt I’ll b able to have a “civil” conversation for a while yet. I dread having to joke with non lawyers. Oh Lawd, my jokes will not be funny anymore. We need to start planning a reunion right away.

    Liked by 1 person

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