The National Cake


There it stood on display,
Regal in all its delicious glory;
The National Cake cake-cake cake.
Baked with nuts, pods, toil and a dash of oil,
I longed to have a taste.

Hungering to have a taste,
I felt like Jay Z humming –
Cake cake-cake cake
as I lingered there in the corridors
Just beside the double doors
Waiting to have a taste.

The table was set,
Then came the announcement…
VIPs first.
Imagine my shock,
When they reeled out the names…
Senator Onikunbembe, President Alatenuje, Governor Onijewuru, Alhaji Abolonjeku!
Jesu! The list was endless.

Still Hungering to have a taste,
Just one teeny weeny little slice of the cake,
I inched my way towards the plate
But for all my stealth
And for all my patience,
They would not treat me like Patience.

Naught but a fictional stain,
I watched as the crumbs tumbled down their beards
wondering if I’d ever have a taste
Of the National Cake cake-cake cake.


4 thoughts on “The National Cake

  1. What saddens me is the fact that they seem to have no sense of responsibility to the populace, they’ve failed to realize that leadership is service and not what you can grab for yourself; and we as a people have acceded to their irresponsibility by being silent


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