So… The Literary Cafe (TLC) carried out a survey on colors and why we like them… Lol… Some of the reasons will blow your mind… Literally 😀

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Colours are important features in our daily lives and they mean different things to different people, colours also reflect situations and may serve as an indicator to a person’s mood or state of mind. Many times, we seem to take colours for granted maybe because we see them so often; nevertheless, we need to sometimes appreciate the beauty colours add to life. Substantial credits to The Literary Cafe crew, below are some of the reasons why people love their favourite colour.

“I like green because it represents nature, more like earthy sage green. Sometimes yellow, because it looks happy, I don’t have a favourite but I like earth tones.”

Fifi (Age 3):
“My favourite colour is Pink because that is princess colour.”

“My favourite colour is ‘nude’ and it is my favourite because it’s Kim Kardashian’s signature and it looks so good on her.”

“White, because it…

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