What is Poetry?


To a lot of different people at a lot of different times, poetry has meant a lot ofΒ  different things.
However, I will not bore you with these definitions as there are as many definitions of poetry as there are poets.

Growing up, poetry as I knew it existed only in printed form. Not for appreciation, but for analysis. Questions bordering on the type and form were the order of the day and honestly there was no joy in it.
Having to analyze every line of a poem at that age was tortuous to put it mildly. Poetry as I visualized it was much more than mere words on paper… Hell,
I wanted to perform it, I wanted to bring it to life, I wanted to give it expression.

I mean, the inflections, the passion, the pause, the energy… Try as you may, you cannot transmit nor infer all that from the pages of a book. For me, the experience was just not complete…
Poetry for me was about the rhythm, poetry for me was about the flow… Poetry for me was musical.

In a nutshell, what I’m trying to say is… Poetry to me is performance; Performance Poetry. What is Poetry to you?


5 thoughts on “What is Poetry?

  1. I share same thoughts with you as well…poetry is a short performance of a life long tale, it is a page that explains a 300 paged story, it is emotions spoken in the shortest words that only the fast can hear, it is abstract yet so clear…I doubt that poetry is boring, ever! It is a brilliant way of conveying the longest message in the shortest form. It is a code of words!

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