In the silence of sounds they came to parapo Kiriji… Of legends born and foes united, a fight for independence. Kiriji the great acclaim of warriors. Shooting their shot for freedom, brothers of a rebellious cause bound by the bonds of oppression. Muddied and bloodied, at the fields of igbajo; unwilling though they came to … More ‘Kiriji’


“The sun goes down and heroes eventually die. But at the end of it all, we’ll all converge to sing a hallelujah chorus to celebrate our triumph…” – Unknown In the midst of our peers there we raved about tomorrow with the light of rebellion in our eyes ablaze. But of tomorrow; it never came. … More Change…

A Penguin named Folake.

*to be accompanied  by the tune of Tekno’s Pana playing in the background. ________________________________________ Last Saturday, the 5th of November 2016 to be precise, the Internet (by Internet, I mean twitter) was abuzz with chatter about a penguin. Apparently, the National Geographic Channel had via its account, tweeted a video (see video here) detailing a … More A Penguin named Folake.

Deeds and Deed’nt

“Inspiration comes in the strangest of places… For whilst my peers were trying to make sense of an otherwise boring class, I was busy rhyming the word ‘deed’… “ Femi Ojosu 11|11|15 Written during my sojourn at The Nigerian Law School, Deeds and Deed’nt is a comic attempt at saying, “it’s never that serious.” 😁 … More Deeds and Deed’nt