Deeds and Deed’nt

“Inspiration comes in the strangest of places… For whilst my peers were trying to make sense of an otherwise boring class, I was busy rhyming the word ‘deed’… “
Femi Ojosu 11|11|15

Written during my sojourn at The Nigerian Law School, Deeds and Deed’nt is a comic attempt at saying, “it’s never that serious.” 😁

Twas all about his deed,
he failed to transfer the deed.
The transaction an assignment,
his signature for the consignment.
Signed sealed but undelivered,
his confidence duly wavered.

He had the parties
but they refused to parley.
He claimed the Power of ‘Anthony’
but would not pay the money.
The power appointing him was not by deed
so he could not execute the deed.

In his head the words were ringing
or maybe she was singing…
“Parties, recital, habendum,
title, attestation, testimonium.”

The laws most salient charge he did not heed
“any business in land must be by deed.”
Twixt giver and him did a rise a rift
and soon he found he’d lost his precious gift.

Signed, sealed but undelivered,
the court an amendment ordered.
But still he had to pay the penance
for his failed conveyance.


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