For my Generation; A Requiem.

My Generation:
leaders of tomorrow termed,
but so hard had we been ignored
we doubted our very existence.
Leaders of tomorrow
on whom the spotlight shone;
once almost, we started a revolution
but teased with false hopes,
we refused to give it a shot
thinking we had a light ahead.

A generation by the sages touted
a resounding impact to make
but sadly have we become
mere points in infinity
lacking in voice, direction and identity.
A generation of misunderstood youths
who dared not even dream,
it is therefore little wonder
how far beneath
had we been relegated.

In their infinite wisdom
they tell us to tread
in their footsteps
for we need as they say,
someone to look up to
but why should it be them?
They tell us to reach for the stars
And be all that we can
But still, our stars remain dust laden
and we lollylag without direction.

Mine they say is a sceptical generation,
theirs I say is lost in translation.
So lost, that in their infinite wisdom
corruption they mix with divine blessing.
We tried to pay homage
but they overcharged.
Fuelled by their avaricious desires,
they denied us room for existence.
A generation of youths
who dared not dream
had they but listened to our voices…


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