The Gospel according to Innocent, the son of Idibia.

In the first month of the third year of the reign of Daddy Bubu; King over all of Nigeria, two years after the recession, the word of the Lord came to Innocent the son of Idibia, keeper of musical instruments saying… “My son, I have watched with great sadness and utter derision from my throne on high, the subjugation and humiliation of my people at the hands of Daddy Bubu and his followers, I have heard their cry, I have seen their plight and I say Enough is Enough!”
So therefore, take to the people this message that I, their Lord their God, I have rejected Bubu as king over this nation.

Upon receiving the word of the Lord, our dear Prophet Innocent took to the temple of the Lord on Facebook, Twitter and a host of other media houses to share this great message.
“My pipulu he said, one love… The lord our God has ministered unto me, that he has rejected Daddy Bubu as King over this great nation… So, pick up your placards, take it out to the streets, raise it high above your heads and chant your warsongs; sing it out loud, even up to the highest heavens for the Lord our God is with us.”

Just as Innocent was delivering this great message, Mujeeb; a man of great learning and a member of the Pharisees rose up from amongst the multitudes saying “how can it be this man with one wife and three concubines who cannot tame his desires, this man tainted with the jeep and the gifts of sakpabio be the one the Lord has sent to us with this great message?”

And the people fell into disarray, for there was a great murmuring amongst them as regards the veracity of Innocent’s message, and each went into his own home to watch and to wait for the appointed hour.
And Daddy Bubu continued to reign in Aso rock, and recession like a plague of locusts continued to run through the land.

The post “The Gospel according to Innocent; the son of Idibia was first featured on The Elizabeth Peters blog.


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