“My thief is bigger than your thief” 

During the festival of shame,
whilst the python was dancing
and the crocodile smiling
to a sycophant beat that refrained;
“stealing is not corruption,”
your thieves came
and accused my thief of graft.

A dire collection of busybodies,
Of looters, slaveships and slavers. 
Sitting in silent justice,
they named her criminal…
Refusing to see the beauty in her desecration. 

My thief of ebullient sagacity, Amala politics and doctorate degrees,
my thief of timbre, my thief of calibre.
Standing gidigba gidigba,
like the mahogany and the iroko;
unshaken kings of the forest,
before them she stood, the fat lady of the opera singing… 
“Stealing is not corruption.”

And when all is said and done,
(their daddy! 37.5 million dollar mansion in Banana Island…)
in the grand scheme of it all;
the truth will remain…
“My thief is bigger than your thief”.


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