Deeds and Deed’nt

“Inspiration comes in the strangest of places… For whilst my peers were trying to make sense of an otherwise boring class, I was busy rhyming the word ‘deed’… “ Femi Ojosu 11|11|15 Written during my sojourn at The Nigerian Law School, Deeds and Deed’nt is a comic attempt at saying, “it’s never that serious.” 😁 … More Deeds and Deed’nt

The Post Bar Finals Traumatic Withdrawal Syndrome (PBFTWS)

Sunday September 4 2016, the bar exams aka bar finals are over. But for most, the exams are not truly over… Reports  available to us, seem to indicate that over 80percent of the students who wrote the bar finals, are suffering from a condition disorder which for the purposes of elucidation, I’ll term The Post … More The Post Bar Finals Traumatic Withdrawal Syndrome (PBFTWS)

My Gospel (For Itunu)

I could write (you) an epistle, but it’d be no fitting testament to the times we’ve had. I could immortalise your name in verse, but it still wouldn’t convey to you the depths of my love. I could wax poetic and whisper to you sweet nothings, but hardly would it  scratch the surface. However, lost … More My Gospel (For Itunu)