For Ayodele

Soooo…. Just now, I was scrolling through my notes and I found a message I drafted over a month ago I intended to send to someone special… I rather kinda forgot… Then days later, I promised to send her a long ass voice note and just ramble… just the way she likes emπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ… ps: she … More For Ayodele


Z… Z is for zoology, the study and the science of zoos*. A zoo is a place where a wild assortment of animals are kept… Just like the Nigerian Senate, they’re best left in a cage. 😏 Z… Z is for zygote. A spring of hope for things to come; that beneath the mania and … More Z…

The Return of Baba

“That which became a mountain, like play like play, began as an ordinary leave.” – Robert Mugabe, 2059 You see ehn, it all started when our daddy; Bubu the incorruptible, just like any other agile leader on the face of the earth, who has the weight of an entire nation resting on his shoulders decided … More The Return of Baba

The Gospel according to Innocent, the son of Idibia.

In the first month of the third year of the reign of Daddy Bubu; King over all of Nigeria, two years after the recession, the word of the Lord came to Innocent the son of Idibia, keeper of musical instruments saying… β€œMy son, I have watched with great sadness and utter derision from my throne … More The Gospel according to Innocent, the son of Idibia.

New year New resolutions: The “Tabula Rasa” Effect.

For Peju, Seyi, Ayodele, Leo, Caleb, Dunsin… Always in my corner, always pushing me to do more cause well… They have this unerring belief that I can do more… For Blessing who showed me that introspection is good for the soul, and who unwittingly inspired this piece. Tabula Rasa: Latin for β€˜Blank Slate’, an opportunity … More New year New resolutions: The “Tabula Rasa” Effect.

Arise, O Compatriots?

By its nature, the national anthem of a nation is a reflection of its history and traditions. Its eulogy is such that it evokes in the hearts of its citizenry a feeling of self-worth, pride and assurance. The National Anthem of Nigeria β€œArise, O Compatriots” was composed in 1978 to evoke the above mentioned feelings … More Arise, O Compatriots?